Design and complete 2 creative video games with step by step instruction.


Learn the code line by line at your own pace with source code and video course material.


Share your games on an online marketplace or with your friends and family.

What You’ll be Building…

Hey it’s Zack the lead instructor for this game design bundle and today we’re going to create not just one but TWO video games. Each course discusses the essential skills of game design and development. First, let’s install Game Maker Studio 2 and get ready for the ultimate game development experience.

Step #1: The first part of this bundle includes a complete space shooter game from scratch with step by step instruction. Intense explosions, Waves of enemies and a will to survive makes this game the best way to start your game development journey.

Step #2: The basics of game development have been taught with hours of material. Now you’re ready to take it one step further at your own pace. Create amazing levels, smarter enemies and a crazy player character! Learn more about the individual topics below.

What You’ll be Learning…

This course consists of hours of detailed course material. If you’re a beginner or intermediate game developer then I highly recommend this course. Learn the core fundamentals of game design while having fun and creating two unique and amazing video games from scratch. Here are a few topics we’ll be discussing in the first half of this course.

  • Importing and animating art assets
  • Smooth player movement
  • Advanced shooting system
  • Understanding Paths
  • Building expansive levels
  • Building a health system
  • Building a Scoring System
  • Precise pixel to pixel collision system

What some people are saying about this course

My name is Duane McNulty,  I just wanted to let you know that this course has helped me out tremendously! The games I’ve created aren’t flashy shootem up type games but one’s to reinforce memorization.  I teach Network Security classes primarily for the military and government agencies.  Now, to express the value to me, since those two classes, Camp Pendleton and cape Cod, I’ve acquired some new clients and about $15K of additional work over the next couple of months and I think with the new project it can be even more successful.”
Thanks again Zack!
Duane McNulty

Network Security

This course took me from complete unfamiliarity to using GameMaker studio and understanding game concepts in a very short amount of time. The thing that I appreciate the most about Zack’s courses is that he explains what he’s doing as he is going along, as well as talking through debugging and design decisions. I feel that this course has positioned me to be able to move forward in my game development career much faster than before, and I’m looking forward to his other courses.

Donald Wheeler

Game Developer

This (Game Maker) course truly helps me understand the code when using Game Maker. I love the course too bits. There’s no doubt that it’s aiming for beginners but it still helps if you ever need a better understanding of game development. With the random challenge’s throughout the course, it gives you time to practice and challenge yourself. Thank you for sharing this course with the world. I’m glad you did.

Daniel Cox

Aspiring Indie Game Developer, @ShadowDaniel6

Introducing Particle Designer 2.5.3

Where Particle Designer 1 and 2 were aimed to accompany Game Maker, a new version would focus on the generation of the effect as a graphic for any platform. For this to work properly, seemless transitions of the animations would be useful to make professional looking effects without the use of actual particles for certain situations. Another export option would be through code, which allows more control over the effect over time (timeline). By using a number of particles in sequences and durations, effects become more entertaining to the viewer.

Download included with bundle

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Zachary Berenger

Zachary Berenger

Lead Instructor

Hey it’s Zack! I’m an avid game developer and content creator. I started programming when I was only 10 years old and have completed my own projects available on Steam as well as creating the infamous ‘Yogcast Video Game’ with Flashback Studios.

Every enrolled student is taken very seriously and I’m available for contact if you may run into any programming issues.

Every Unit available with this Bundle below.

Module 1: Space Game

Downloading Game Maker Studio 2

This unit we’ll be going over downloading and installing Game Maker Studio 2 and all of the other necessary software we use throughout this course.

Download Source Code and Assets

This unit we’ll be downloading all of the source code and art assets used throughout this course.

[PIXEL ART] Building a Spaceship (25:00)

This unit goes over creating the art spaceship in the ‘Space Shooter’ game. Although the course comes with all of the art assets included, you can use this unit to build your own or modify the current version.

[PIXEL ART] Building an Enemy Ship (19:29)

This unit goes over creating the art enemy spaceship in the ‘Space Shooter’ game. Although the course comes with all of the art assets included, you can use this unit to build your own or modify the current version.

[PIXEL ART] Building Space Bullets (10:24)

This unit goes over creating the art bullets in the ‘Space Shooter’ game. Although the course comes with all of the art assets included, you can use this unit to build your own or modify the current version.

Game Maker Studio 2 Interface (13:34)

This unit goes over all of the nooks and crannys of Game Maker Studio 2. Learn how to navigate the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and become familiar with the software before starting your first project.

X/Y Coordinate Plane (4:48)

This unit goes deep into the coordinate plane system Game Maker uses for direction and placement of objects.

Variables and Statements (5:51)

This unit we look at different types of variables and statements. These are all coding techniques we’ll use later in the course.

Building a Simple Game (14:14)

Now you can take everything you’ve learned so far and create a compelling first game. It’s a very simple design and idea but has great results for a beginner developer.

Player Creation and Shooting System (11:24)

In this unit you’re starting the space shooter project. We’ll go over our initial player creation and shooting system.

Enemy Creation and Shooting System (8:52)

In this unit we’re creating out first enemy in the game and giving the enemy a shooting ability.

Spawning System (17:05)

This unit you’re creating an entire spawning system so the game is now infinite in length and through progression you can make it harder and harder as time goes on.

Collisions and Particles (5:09)

In this unit you’re building a perfect collision system and creating particles that blast the enemy away.

Menu Systems (11:22)

Your game is just about complete. Now you’re creating a full start and death menu to bring your game around full circle.

Compiling and Publishing (1:17)

Your game is complete so the next step is to compile it into an .exe file so you can play with your friends and family.

Module 2: Collect Chicks

How to Build the Base of your Awesome Video Game! (26:42)

This unit takes all of the knowledge from the initial module and makes it 10 times bigger. You will create the very base of the ‘collect chicks’ game.

Improved Movement & Collision Systems (13:15)

This unit we’re reconstructing the movement and collision system so it’s precise and smooth for an even more compelling play time.

Using Camera's to Explode the Size of your Game (2:47)

This unit you’re creating a global camera system to follow your player around the world. Now you can make the level as big as you can dream.

How to Create an Intense Shooting System (6:14)

This unit you’re creating a new shooting system in 360 degree direction.

Adding Beautiful Art into your Game!!! [ART INCLUDED IN COURSE] (10:45)

In this course we’re taking the tilesets and art assets and importing them into the game. Now the game looks beautiful and seamless.

Using a Health System to Control Death! (5:55)

In this unit we’re developing a health bar system and controlling the death animation if it gets below 0.

Transitioning Rooms Creatively & Seamlessly (7:09)

In this unit we’re creating a second level and transitioning between the rooms seamlessly.

Creating a Smart/Advanced AI Enemy (7:35)

In this unit we’re developing a brand new enemy type that follows the player all along the room and can never be killed.

Amazing Main Menu System & Using a Death Animation for GAME OVER (16:07)

In this unit we’re creating an even more expansive menu system than the first. We’re also creating a new death animation for a game over screen.

Creating the Walking Particles (10:04)

In this unit we’re working with Particle Designer to create the walking particles in our game.

Creating the Shooting Particles (5:42)
Creating the Collecting Particles (3:47)

In this unit we’re working with Particle Designer to create the collecting particles in our game.

Creating Death Particles (5:16)

In this unit we’re working with Particle Designer to create the death particles in our game.

Creating an Epic Boss Battle (13:59)

In this unit we’re wrapping up the course with a full on boss battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to this course immediately after enrolling and be able to watch it forever.


Do I need Game Maker Studio: 2 Professional Edition?

No, this course was designed to create your game without needing to purchase the full version of Game Maker Studio 2


What if I have a question about this course or I get stuck?

I’m here to help you! email me at and I’ll answer every question you may have about this course.


What if I am unhappy with this course?

I never want to make you feel unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 14 days of enrollment and I will give you a full refund.

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