Hey, my name is is Zack Berenger and I’m the lead developer of Coding Made Simple. I started programming when I was only ten years old and have been creating video games and tutorials ever since. In 2016 I created my first video game available on Steam called “So Much Blood”. That game took us over 6 months to create from Scratch using Game Maker Studio. It was an absolute blast! I’ll get more into that later. In addition, I’ve worked with private companies to create specific video game related course curriculum and have taught those classes live in person.


Courses & Tutorials

I started my YouTube channel ‘RealTutsGML’ in June 2016. Since then I’ve uploaded over 300 tutorials and created Coding Made Simple, a platform for aspiring video game developers. Currently Coding Made Simple offers 3 amazing courses that I’ve created for beginner/intermediate developers using Game Maker Studio and Java. I’m working hard on updating and adding new material to the website almost every day.

Throughout the many years of developing tutorials and course curriculum professionally and as a hobby, I’ve come to understand the very fundamentals of game development from a technical angle. If you want to create a space invaders game or a full on multiplayer zombie shooter game in the next year, I have good news. It’s possible even for a beginner programmer and these courses can get you started.

The software we use today such as Game Maker Studio or Unity are extremely useful and pretty easy once you get a hang of it and invest some time. Once you understand how the software works, google will be your friend for your future projects. No programmer has all of the answers immediately, they have to understand how the program works first.

Download Source Code from my YouTube channel

So Much Blood is an action-packed side shooter filled with countless challenges, baddies, and bosses! Supercharge your armor, discover new powerful weapons, and kick some ass, as you fight through treacherous hordes of enemies. Can you survive the bloodbath?
Try not to lose your shoes when you get thrown into a chaotic world without any kind of direction. Suddenly surrounded by dangerous enemies, your instincts set in with only one goal in mind: survival. You start out with a base set of Tier 1 weapons: the ‘Pistol’, ‘Ray Gun’, and ‘Shotgun’. With the shopkeepers help (Greg) you may choose to upgrade your tier of weapons or invest in a set of armor. The overwhelming wave of enemies forces you to maneuver your way around this hazardous game world in order to reach safety. Choose your playing style including a rush strategy, grind strategy, and/or choosing a defensive or offense class for your player. Be careful as you new and improved enemies will continue to attack you, making you rethink your every move! The game has a shooting mechanic not like most games, with the ability to only shoot left and right in a top down world you are forced to use the game world to your advantage. You’ll need to figure out on your own the best fighting strategy to use. Blood is a serious part of our game, for every kill you achieve the blood splatters spawned what we call ‘Blood points’ or bp. Use these blood points as a shop currency created once in every new zone.  

So what are you waiting for!

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