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Why Make Games?

The idea of leaving reality and ending up in a fantasy world for hours on end or in an intense war scene is what drives most developers to do what they do.

Programming is a small part in a big project but it's essential to learn before you can start creating any world you could imagine.

How Can I Start?

The first step in learning how to create video games is having the passion to start. After learning a few beginner techniques, it's quite easy to start creating games.

Down below we have an extensive list of tutorials and courses to get you learning how to program video games in the matter of hours!

Your Instructor.

My name is Zachary Berenger and I've created custom made courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced programmers all exclusively found here!

I've been programming since I was 10 years old and have created games that have been published on Steam and I've worked with companies all around the world.

Start Learning...

This is where you start creating your video games. From Game Maker to Java we have everything you may need for these programming languages to get you making games in no time at all. Below is our newest courses on codingmadesimple and we're very proud of each one we put out!

Wizard Intermediate Java Game Development Course -- FREE! --

I’ve designed this course to help you achieve success in the matter of an hour! I’ll take you step by step from creating an empty project to a complete video game. View this course to read more about what you'll be learning in this free course.
-- Beginner Friendly --

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Java Beginner Game Design Course e-Book

Start programming video games with Java from scratch with this extensive and powerful e-book built for the beginner programmer. Learn how to create a game engine using Java and build everything from platformers to top down shooters.
-- Beginner Friendly --

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YouTube Tutorials

Search through over one thouand hours of tutorials on my personal YouTube channel, you can learn for free!

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Game Maker Studio Game Design Course


This course was designed using the free version of Game Maker Studio: 2 which means you can easily get your game up and running in no time at all! We go through the complete basics of the program and use GML (Game Maker Langauge) it’s Game Maker Studio’s own unique scripting language. You’ll be going through the complete process of creating objects, levels, paths, tilesets, etc. I don’t expect you to have any previous experience with Game Maker but if you do that’s even better. Let’s look at some of the topics we’ll be covering through this course

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What will I learn?

  1. Sprites
  2. Player Movment
  3. Three different enemy types
  4. Paths for our enemies
  5. Levels
  6. Transitioning levels
  7. Score System
  8. Creating a goal for the game
  9. Handling collisions
    After you’ve completed these steps you’ll go 20 notches deeper to make the game look and feel absolutely amazing. Adding new enemies, art assets, shooting system and even boss battles! Some more topics you will learn in the second half of this course include.

  11. Improved Movement System
  12. Improved Collision System
  13. Camera Viewports
  14. Shooting System
  15. Tilesets
  16. Health System
  17. Smoother Transitions between levels
  18. Turret Enemy
  19. Main Menu System
  20. Death Animation
  21. Complete Particle Systems
  22. Walking Particles
  23. Shooting Particles
  24. Collect Particles
  25. Death Particles
  26. Boss Battles

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