Be a Game Developer.

Become a professional game designer in a major game development company or go independent. These high quality programming courses cover it all.

Make Games.

It’s easy to make a game but having the correct foundation in game design is hard.

Game Development Courses

We offer high quality game design courses for even the most inexperienced game developers. Everything is at your own pace as you design, create and completely finish a video game from scratch using Game Maker Studio 2 or Java


Video Game Pixel Art Courses

Using free paint editors you can design and create pixel art from scratch. Many of our students have trouble creating video games because they don’t have the time or resources to create pixel art you can use in your video games.

8 Week Development Course

This hands on course brings you with the game developer Zachary Berenger step by step to designing and completing your own video game. He’ll be with you 5 hours a week whenever you have time to start developing.. we’re here for you.

Enrolled Students

Enrolled Students

Enrolled Students

Wizards Top Down Shoot’em up Course


Create a basic TDS (Top Down Shooter) game in Java and learn essential skills along the way. Simply sign up for my mailing list and get instant access to the source code and art assets produced throughout this course completely free.

  • Difficulty 40%
  • Student Success Rate 75%

Beginner Game Design Course from scratch / Foundations


Create a complete video game from start to finish using YoYoGames game engine Game Maker Studio 2. Using the free version of this software you’ll create a professional project and open your mind up to new ideas. Take a deeper look inside!

  • Difficulty 20%
  • Student Success Rate 90%

Java Game Development eBook


You’re going to build it all. From a blank text document you’ll learn how to use Java’s built-in game libraries to create a smooth finished product. I highly recommend this eBook for beginner game developers.

  • Difficulty 35%
  • Student Success Rate 80%

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